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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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democrats have a narrow majority in the senate and republicans now control the house. ohio congressman john boehner was overwhelmingly elected as speaker and replaces nancy pelosi before handing over the gavel, which she held for four years. the outgoing house speaker reflected on legislative achievements, in particular, healthcare reforms. >> our seniors are paying less for their medical prescription, taken together, it will save taxpayers $1.3 trillion. >> reporter: the -- . >> the people voted to end business as usual and today, we begin to car out their instructions. >> reporter: one of the first acts of the newly republican- controlled house is to take away voting rights of six delegates, including d.c.'s eleanor holmes norton. she said the loss of limited voting rates -- rights was a bitter pill for the people of the district. taking a close look at the balance of power now and the house of representatives. the new makeup includes 193
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democrats, 242 republicans, incoming gop lawmakers say their first order of business is cutting the congressional budgets. and in the chamber, where the new republican agenda will face the toughest opposition. in the senate, democrats are in control narrowly with 51 seats to the gop's 47th street. history on the senate floor today. maryland senator barbara mikulski served in the upper chamber of the congress longer than any other woman. john henrehan has more now. the senate spent 30 minutes congratulating mikulski and her accomplishments. >> reporter: today, even the republican leader of the senate, put aside politics to congratulate the senior senator from maryland for her long service in that chamber. >> that you will bear true faith and allegiance. >> reporter: when barbara mikulski took the oath for the beginning of her fifth term in office. >> so help me god -- . >> i do. >> reporter: she became the longest-serving woman in the
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history 69 upper chamber of -- history in the upper chamber of congress. the senate paused for 30 minutes to recognize the accomplishment, starting with the major leader who normally votes with the liberal mikulski. >> time she's dedicated to tireless, passionate and effective advocacy of those who need a voice or a hand. >> reporter: at 4'11", barbara mikulski doesn't loom physically large in the hauls of congress, but even the republican leader mitch mcconnell conceded the senator from maryland often finds a way to win legislative victory. >> she's been a champion of the space program, science research, welfare reform, major transportation, homeland security, and environmental issues in maryland. >> reporter: when mikulski's term came -- turn came to speak, she recalled the struggles of her immigrant family. >> when my great grandmother arrived in this country, she had good money in her pocket and had a big dream in her heart, and that dream was the american dream. >> reporter: when barbara mikulski won her statewide
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election in 1996, she was one of only two women to sit in the u.s. senate. today, there are 17 women senators. mikulski's advice to young women who might have political aspirations today? get involved in your own community. that is how i got started working to build a better community when they wanted to run a highway through that community. i ran my mouth and it ran me all the way to the united states senate. >> 49 months from now, there mob another senior senator from maryland. in march of 2012, barbara mikulski will become the longest-serving woman in the whole congress. >> i think she will serve as long as she pleases. good to see her happy. changes are coming to the white house as pyrotechnic robert gibbs gives his resignation. we work -- he worked with president obama for two years now and informing the media of white house happenings, planning to take a break and returning to work on president
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obama's re-elect campaign, an important role in the administration, according to the president and the statement today. more videos are emerging laced with body jokes and profanity from the past of navy captain owen honors. this tie, the navy times is -- has -- said it has obtained the new videos independently and, in fact, they did post them on the website. honors was fired from command of an aircraft carrier this week after some of his other comedy segments became public. a surveillance video shows the former white house aid john wheeler confused and disoriented hours before his body was found in the landfill. the police in delaware say that wheeler refused help from several people who approached him as he wandered around as late as 8:30 thursday night. his body was found friday in a load of trash and police are investigating the death as a homicide. >> in the news edge in maryland, police say a woman was sexually assaultd in the her home early this morning by the same intruder who broke in and attacked her six months
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ago. a frightening scenario to say the least, along father hurly boulevard in germantown and investigators telling us the same suspect attacked an elderly woman at a senior center across the street. bob barnard is working the scene for us. what do you know? >> reporter: brian, the details of the story are right out of a horror film and tonight, the victim's neighbors here are understandably upset. this is a just-released composite sketch of the suspect as described by his 68-year-old victim. he is 16 to 25 years old and, according to montgomery county police, broke into the woman's apartment here at beacon field terrace in germantown around 1 this morning. investigators say the intruder sexually assaulted the woman in her bed and then left. >> the unique part of this crime is that the 68-year-old resident told us that this was the same suspect who had raped her this past june last summer
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at the same address. >> kind of scary and terrible. we all keep an eye out, but i don't know -- we don't know what to do. i mean, a sick individual who needs to be caught. >> reporter: police also believe the same person raped an 86-year-old woman in her apartment at the churchill senior living center directly across father hurly boulevard this past august, entering the woman's home through a ground floor window. that was two months after the first attack here at beacon field terrace. >> i can tell you right now that i don't think investigators believe that it's a coincidence. i don't know why he would target the same person twice, but they believe that he came back for a reason. >> reporter: the suspect is described as being about 5'10", weighing roughly 145 pounds with no facial hair. his victim said that he was wearing a dark shirt and dark pants during today's attack. the woman said that this man's face closely resembles her attacker. >> i'll tell you what, if there is anyone that doesn't look
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like they belong around here, i'm looking at them, so, i -- this is terrible. >> reporter: if detectives were able to gather any dna evidence from the victim's apartment here today, brian, they are not saying. >> bob barnard tonight. the edge on d.c., where a local volunteer group is helping police search for a killer. the 17-year-old bryant marillo was on shot and killed last sunday afternoon, the cousin shot and survived. today, members of the guardian angels passed out flyers in the area and are hoping to break the code of silence leaving many of these kinds of crimes unsolved. >> that is the only way we're going to solve it lot of the murders and this is the only way we're going stop people from killing. once the criminals start to realize that the citizens are coming up to the -- stepping opportunity plate, taking the shades off the door, off the windows and unlocking the doors, they will stop committing the crimes. >> a $25,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can help solve the murder. it's a decision that led to
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an uproar. and now, the local school that turned a child's service dog away is having a change of heart. we'll tell but that. plus, what would mark twain think about this? a publisher wants to remove the n word from a pair of classic novels. when we return, why some say that is unacceptable. to the big hot pastrami. big. hot. pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles,
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>> an update on a story you saw here. first on fox 5, a fairfax county elementary school that turned away a child's service dog has changed its mind after our story aired. starting on tuesday, andrew stevens -- stevens' dog will be allowed at school. this is a trial run to see how the service animal does and one of his parents will be at the school each day as a liaison. he lives with a rare form of epilepsy and the dog is trained to respect and respond to seizures. controversy over a book
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that has been part of american culture for decades. it's now being revised. a mark twain scholar wants to replace the n word with slave in editions of twain's adventures of huckleberry fynn and tom sawyer. he said he used slave instead of the n word and find audience to be more accepting. critics say it's a desecration of the novels. the updated version would be published in february. this is what dee wrote on our facebook page. when i read the novel in school years ago as a child, i was offended and after my teacher explained that this is the language of the era and educated the class, we all responded better. taking the n word out of the book doesn't do anything for anybody. tell us what you think on twitter or facebook. when we return, the pictures from a massive fish kill in maryland. >> the chesapeake bay is famous for its beauty. but this doesn't look so good. i am beth parker.
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i'll tell you what the experts think may have happened to the fish. and a familiar site in the middle of nevada. no more. police say someone chopped down the historic chew tree on interstate 50 in the dessert. the nevada tourism commission said the tree got its name after an argument between newlyweds, somebody's shoes got tossed into the too in the heat of the moment. since then, people from all over the country adorned the tree with hundreds of hair's of shoes. 
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>> they're stories that sparked a wave of new decisions -- discussions and started over the weekend in arkansas. fireworks blamed for the deaths of thousands of birds there and this, hundreds more turned up dead in louisiana. in maryland, a different problem, notice last week. the young fish washing ashore, dead, and now the state said there are two million of them. tonight, as fox 5s beth parker
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reports, while the test results are preliminary, the officials have a theory behind what is killing the fish. >> reporter: now, i'm standing at the edge of the chesapeake bay. take a look. there is the bay bridge over there and, you know, you really have to watch where you're walking out here right now. look down here. dozens of dead fish. at age 90, helen copper has seen a lot of waves slap against the shore here at the kent mere restaurant in queen ann's county, a lot of seafood lunches. this lunch is different with her brother jacob. >> i remarked about the seagulls and it dawned on me
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that they here because of the fish. >> reporter: in in fact, it's a fish kill making this view look like an alfred hitchcock movie than a postcard from the chesapeake bay. >> hundreds of seagulls. i have never seen that many gathered here before.
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>> reporter: down at the beach, mike schindler looks on in disbelief. >> what is beyond me. >> reporter: he may not know what happened here but he knows his fish. >> that is a spot there. >> reporter: the maryland department of the environment estimates that most of the
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roughly 2 million fish that have died are spots. >> i have never seen this happen. >> reporter: they're young fish between 3 and 6 inches long. the state said that preliminary
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tests show the water quality is fine. a spokesperson for the maryland department the environment said that they have, quote, a pretty solid theory. while adults thought -- moved to warmer waters for the
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winter, young spots spent the winter here and december surface water temperatures in the bay are the coldest in 25 years of monitoring that combined with a healthy 51lation of spots means --
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population of spots means lots of young fish competing for a place to stay warm. >> there are a lot of people who like to fish for the fish and that is going to hurt, you
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know, that year when they will be big enough to catch. >> reporter: what you're looking at here, all of these dead fish is unusual, but it's not unprecedented.
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back in 1976, maryland had a similar fish kill you that will remember. they're saying this is about 2 million dead fish this time. back then in '76, it was 15 million. along the chesapeake bay, beth
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parker, fox 5 news. and was kind of bumping along here. it was, you know, a typical january day. >> not a bad day at all. when the wind is not blowing
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badly, 43 is not bad. i kind of enjoyed it, actually. >> yeah. >> and that is half cold. >> you can totally love that and tomorrow is another half
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coal a. >> all right. >> and thank you, bail -- half cold day. >> all right. >> and something fun for the kindergarten set and everyone else, although maybe not if
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you're a morning commuter. maybe a couple of flurries to keep your eye on, light no in the future and tonight, beautiful and flirting over d.c. and temperatures are into the 30s and typically, we'll
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have another cold night and here are the weather headlines. we will be staying half cold the next few days and colder for the weekend. totally coal. a clipper-like system is coming
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and we'll be watching that kind of charge through the area on friday morning and that does not look like a big deal but it does look as though perhaps it picks up


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